Bailey Ridge, W6/NS-219

Activation Date: 2 September 2017
Transport: Drive/Hike Distance: 3.5-5 miles
Elev. gain: 500 feet Time: 1.5 hours
Rig(s): FT-817, VX-2R Band(s): 40m, 20m SSB
Antenna(s): End-fed half-wave, 12.5 inch flex whip
Cell Service: None (T-Mobile), Marginal (Verizon)
Parking: Drive-up (high clearance), or side of road
Trailhead: Forest Route 6N45
Fees/Permits: None
Route: Forest Route 6N45
Dogs: Yes  Toilet: No

I was on a camping trip in nearby Calaveras Big Trees State Park and this looked like a fairly easy activation that would allow me to slip away for a couple of hours and have some SOTA fun.  That wasn’t quite on the mark—the road ended up being a little rougher than expected.

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