W6/SC-261, Pinyon Peak (failed)

Activation Date: 27 May 2017
Transport: Run/Hike Distance: 7.8 miles
Elev. gain: 2,200ft Time: 2.2 hours
Rig(s): VX-2R Band(s): 2m FM
Antenna(s): MFJ Long-ranger
Cell Service: Marginal (T-Mobile)
Parking: Free
Trailhead: Carmel Valley Ranch, Oak Pl Ln
Fees/Permits: None
Route: Huff n’ Puff, Snively’s Ridge trails
Dogs: Yes  Toilet: No

Pinyon Peak is an as-yet unactivated peak. I was in the area for the weekend, so it was calling to me. I decided to do this one as a trail run, since I needed to do one for training/exercise, and because the other route to Pinyon Peak looked a lot steeper.  My friends and family thought I was crazy for wanting to get up early to go run up hills when there were perfectly good beach trails nearby. What can I say? I’m a mountain man.

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