Photo by Jungwoo Hong on Unsplash

Front Page of Hacker News!

Wow!  While enjoying a day off for my 40th birthday on Wednesday, someone submitted my post, HF Ham Radio on a Budget, to Hacker News with the title “We’re in a Golden Age for Amateur Radio.” It then proceeded to make it to the front page!  I suddenly (and happily) had to deal with making sure my website would stay up.

There’s a lot of good discussion in the comments on HN (Hacker News).  I haven’t joined in on the discussion there, mostly because it’s a bit overwhelming!  But I figured I’d do a quick post here to mention that I appreciate whoever submitted it (who are you?!) and that I’ll try and write more on the subject.  I do indeed believe that we’re in a Golden Age for Amateur Radio and there are many more reasons than the ones I already covered in my first post on the subject.  My primary purpose was to show one of the many entry points for this great hobby.

I’ve got a number of SOTA trip reports to catch up on (I’ve been busy with work and fun!) but I’ll be getting back around to this Golden Age subject.  This hobby isn’t just about communicating on radios, though that can certainly be fun.  For me, this hobby is creativity and innovation.  Maybe I’m not doing a lot of innovation, but I get to take part in it, learning and growing with every new discovery.

Thanks for reading!