Learning Morse Code to Operate Continuous Wave (CW)

For a very long time—even before becoming a ham—I’ve wanted to learn Morse code.  As a child, this “secret” code fascinated me. As I grew older, the fascination remained. As a geeky adult wanting to get in to ham radio, it was a barrier to entry. Then, getting my general class amateur radio license in 2015, my interest was renewed, even though it was no longer a necessity.

The magic of radio has always been just that for me—magic. I know how it works, a lot more so than I did before studying to get my ticket.  But it’s still magic. So in my amateur radio journey so far, I’ve looked for ways to maximize the magic. And there are so many ways to do this in the hobby.  To me, one of these is CW (Continuous Wave) operation, using Morse code. Continue reading →